An Inspiring Story for all. .

This is the story of such a kind woman who empowered herself for her children's life. Her name is Ashfa Begam. She lives in the slum area at Kanpur city, she is the mother of three children and her husband do't has any regular employment and she was not in condition to educate and feet their children properly. Her life was very tough and she had to face lots of problems in daily life.

Occasionally she met with us and joined our centre for learning vocational skills. We found her very laborious and key learner. She was totally illiterate but through hard work, she learned how to write or read and now she can write her name in English and also read Hindi news paper. She learned sewing at our centre or started her own business related to sewing work and now she makes good earning for her family.
She says I was very lucky to got an opportunity to improve my abilities and talent and now I can prove that I can also help my family with money.

We are also very happy and very inspired from her dedication and hard work.

Thanks to her and also Thanks to all of you for teaching kindness to us.

With Love …
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